2019 Robot Reveal

This year’s robot is comprised of many different mechanisms that all work together to perform certain operations. One of the main parts of the robot is the drive train. The drive train is made up of 8 wheels, driven by belts, and run by 6 CIM motors. The drive train allows the robot to move at approximately 10-15 feet per second. There are many more parts that allow the robot to manipulate the cargo and hatch panels for deep space. This robot features an elevator that can extend up to about 7 feet. Attached to the elevator, there is a claw used to handle both hatch panels and cargo. The claw manipulates cargo by grabbing between its two arms and by dropping it into the cargo ship or rocket. The grabber picks up hatch panels by sticking the ends of the arms into the middle of the hatch panel and grabbing it from the inside. After the hatch panel is grabbed, the robot positions it levels with the hatch opening it will cover, and then sticks the hatch panel onto the rocket, preventing any cargo in the hold from falling out. The last major component of the robot is the pneumatic pistons with it’s own miniature drive train. This drive train allows the robot to climb to the third HAB level. There are three pneumatic pistons that push the mini drive train down, thrusting the robot into the air. The robot will then drive up to the base of the third HAB level and bring one set of wheels up, drive forward, bring the back wheels up, and secures itself on the platform, similar to one of the robots in the 2019 game reveal.

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