A Moment in SPIKE History

On Sunday March 3, 2019, 293 SPIKE was ecstatic to discover that its hard earned work had blessed the team with the first ever Entrepreneurship Award in team history. This year, because of team growth, we were able to be more focused on the business component of the team. These new members were able to plan and draft the business plan. As the participants became more knowledgeable about the functions of the team, they were able to edit and improve the plan to fit the team’s goals. The plan was amended so that it flowed smoothly and truly described the team in detail.

During the FIRST Robotics competition that took place on Saturday March 2 and Sunday March 3, the team was awarded its first entrepreneurship award. Although it’s robot was not as successful as anticipated, the team was able to earn some points through the entrepreneurship award. As the team continues to compete with its robot in FIRST tournaments, its business plan will continue to expand and develop.

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