The team meets every day during build season in January and the beginning of February in the shop across from the old gym.  The hours that the shop is open are on the calendar. Off season, we meet every Monday and Thursday. New members or just observers are always welcome to stop by and see what we are about. Recruiting time is at the beginning of the year before kickoff in January. 

Reasons to Join SPIKE:

  • No experience required: anyone interested can join!
  • Members learn how to work as a team 
  • Students participating in Robotics gain hands on experience that is not available in the classroom.
  • Many scholarships are available to students participating in robotics for all kinds of majors and schools.
  • Students learn CAD, electronics, programming, and machining skills.
  • Student learn business related skills such as organization and administration, photography, marketing, financial management, journalism, and web design.
  • There are many community service opportunities.

Team Positions (Many students have more than one)

  • Student Officer
  • Programmer
  • CAD Designer
  • Assemblist
  • Machinist
  • Electrician
  • Website Designer
  • Logo Designer/Artist
  • Financial Advisor
  • Scout
  • Pit Scout
  • Drive Team Member
    • Driver – Controls robot movement and critical functions
    • Operator – Controls all other robot functions
    • Coach – Communicates and strategizes with other teams
    • Human player – Aids the robot by feeding or throwing game pieces
    • Technician – Makes sure controls are working and robot is activated