Student Officers

As Chief Coordinating Officer, Kai Sugrue manages goals and endeavors that encompass multiple departments. This includes managing the different subteams, being the project management lead, and coordinating between mentors and students.

As Chief Competition Officer, Cole Creegan handles robot assembly and construction management, CAD plans for the robot, and competition goals during the season. He is also in charge of strategy management during the season and scouting at competitive events. 

As Chief Sustainability Officer, Vayun Tandon is responsible for fundraising and sponsorship undertakings. This includes reaching out to contributors and sponsors and creating fundraising events.

As Chief Marketing Officer, Pranjal Mhetre handles publicity and branding, apparel, including team and sponsor logos, team imagery, this website, and team social media accounts.

As Chief Inspiration Officer, Nina Plazonic leads SPIKE’s efforts to be an exemplary FIRST team by ensuring that the team embodies and promotes FIRST’s core principles. This includes leading efforts to reach out to the other schools in our district and our broader community, such as starting and mentoring an FTC team at Timberlane Middle School.

As Chief Safety Officer, Benjamin Andreski is responsible for the safety manual, the implementation of safe practices in the shop, and making sure that safe practices are followed in the pit.