Resources for Teams Old and New: Help Yourselves!

 Here are some helpful resources for current and prospective FIRST Robotics teams.

US FIRST – Official FIRST Robotics website.

The Blue Alliance – Has all the match archives, video tutorials, and team info!

Chief Delphi Forums – This is a useful resource maintained by Team 47 for having open discussion with members from other FIRST teams – ask for help or share ideas.

Innovation First, Inc. – Official supplier of electronics for FIRST teams.

VEX Robotics – Purchase excess kit of parts items from FIRST

McMaster Carr Catalogue– If you need anything at all to build your robot, you can buy it here. Seriously.

Autodesk, Inc.– Autodesk helps FIRST teams design and optimize their robots before construction; you’ll find some cool software and information there.

Onshape – Online CAD program, in the cloud. 

Andy Mark – Official Supporter of FIRST Robotics, they sell almost anything you will need to build your robot.