Sponsorship Levels

SPIKE Sponsorship Opportunities

For Team 293, the support we receive from our sponsors is just as critical to our success as the valuable materials we use to build our robots. We’ve established five levels of sponsorship: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Carbon Fiber, and Inspiration.  At every level, Team 293 will value your sponsorship and your support now will entitle your organization to the benefits of sponsorship through our seasons!

Inspiration Sponsor: $5,000+

Inspiration is an indispensable and integral ingredient in FIRST Robotics and Team 293. These invaluable sponsors, who are an inspiration to us, will receive all of the benefits of a Carbon Fiber Sponsorship as well as the ability to craft a public event or appearance involving with the robot and team members. Our Drive Team would also proudly wear at competitions any logo baseball cap you can provide.

Carbon Fiber: $2,000+

Our Carbon Fiber sponsors make Team 293 strong and competitive. Our Carbon Fiber sponsors receive all the benefits of Platinum, with our most prominent logo display. We will also award our Carbon Fiber with a custom wall plaque, which will be designed and fabricated by our students in our shop.

Platinum: $1,000+

In addition to all the benefits of Gold, and a more prominent logo display, we will award our Platinum Sponsors a team T-shirt (which will feature your logo!) and a photo of the team holding your logo. Wear and display them proudly, and show the strength of your support to Team 293.

Gold: $500+

Our Gold Sponsors receive all the benefits of Silver, and are entitled to a larger logo on the robot. We will also display the logos of Gold Sponsors in our pit at competitions, making you even more visible to all the competitors, mentors, and officials.

Silver: $150+

We will proudly display the logos of our Silvers Sponsors on our website, on our bulletin board inside HVCHS, and on the robot.  This tier also includes a Certificate of Sponsorship, suitable for framing. In addition, your name will be announced at competitions when Team 293 is introduced.

Friends of SPIKE

In addition to these sponsorship levels, we would be proud to call any local businesses and friends that make significant in-kind contributions, a “Friend of SPIKE,” and mention you as a Friend of SPIKE on the team’s bulletin board and our website.