2019’s Game

On January 5th, 2019, FIRST released their annual game at this year’s kickoff. This year’s game, named Deep Space, is comprised of two alliances, with three teams on each side. Along with the three teams, each side of the field has a cargo ship, a HAB station, and two rockets. The object of the game is to descend from the HAB station, secure the rocket and cargo ship with hatch panels, fill the rockets and cargo ship with cargo, and climb back onto the HAB station. All of these actions score point, the exact point totals are referenced in the 2019 game manual, on Game Rules Page. In the first 15 seconds of the match, the view of the players is obstructed by a black curtain. This time is called Sandstorm. During this time, the robots have to be programmed autonomously, or be remote controlled with some visual system. After the 15 seconds end, The curtain rises and the drivers are able to control their robot. During the last 30 seconds of this phase, drivers are encouraged to return to the HAB platform and climb to the 1st (3 inches from the ground), 2nd (9 inches from the ground), or 3rd level (1 foot 10 inches from the ground) before the game ends.

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