Charged Up Competitions!!!

Robbinsville Competition March 18-19

At our first competition of the season, SPIKE was sucessful in qualifiers and we were selected for playoff alliance 5 finishing fifth place overall. Our driveteam improved their skills and strategy and we faced minimal mechanical and code issues.

Montgomery Competition April 1-2

Using what we learnt from Robbinsville, SPIKE showed its best performance in years at Montgomery. Not only did we make it to playoffs, we were the captain of alliance four and placed third overall at the end of playoffs. The efforts of our entrepreneurship team paid off as we won the sustainability award!

FMA Championship at Lehigh University April 6-8

SPIKE put up an outstanding performance at Lehigh after qualifying to compete at regionals. We ended at 20th place overall and our driveteam had their best performance yet. Although we didn’t get selected by an alliance to compete in playoffs, we won sustainability award again at the higher regional level. Our season came to an end with this competition. Go 293 SPIKE!

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